Social change is increasingly dependent on collaborative action, as well as ongoing experimentation. 
In the face of constant economic and social uncertainty, meeting people needs requires even more creativity to address current and emerging social issues.
To explore the growing impact of the community sector and share perspectives on creating optimum conditions for social innovation, Metis focuses on best practices  and the role of all sectors business, government, non-profit, and academia in leading social change.

Metis research is focusing on the study of various new developments in the area of social innovations, including:

new thinking about innovation in public services (i.e. for socially disadvantaged people)
  growing interest in social entrepreneurship
business, which is increasingly interested in innovation in services
new methods of innovation inspired by the open source field
linking social innovation to theory and research in complex adaptive systems to understand its dynamics
collaborative approaches to social innovation, particularly in the educational community and in the cultural sector




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